Saturday, September 15, 2007

How to get free xbox 360 live points, no credit cards, no mailing addresses

Hello everyone. I will show you step-by-step how I got my free xbox 360 live point code numbers e-mailed to me without using a credit card or mailing address. This method can also be used to get free wii points, nexon cards, itunes, and any other "code" based items.
Yahoo and Youtube users read this If I have brought you here from Yahoo or Youtube, then your probably looking for how to get free xbox 360 live points. You can view my table of contents right below here to see everything that I have put here, or if you want to get straight to the guide on How to get free xbox 360 live point codes without using credit cards or mailing addresses, scroll just past the table of contents an you'll find it.=====================================================================================
Table of Contents
CodeSection 1. Introduction.......................................... HQHKSection 2. How to get free xbox 360 live points.................. IDLSSection 3. Free websites guide....................................... LJDS- A Prize rebel............................................... IDWW - B. ezyrewards............................................... DKII - C. myfavefreebies................................................... XPGO - D. TreasureT. ......................................................... TSTPSection 4. Which free site should you use?............. UIDUSection 5. Tips and guidelines for doing offers.......... IYIDSection 6. Getting Referrals............................. JXLXSection 7. Conclusion.................................... no code necessaryI have put a four letter code on the right of every section above for easy reference. If there is a section you want to get to, type in "Ctrl" and "f" at the same time to get a search box. Then type in the section code and hit enter until you get to the section. So if you wanted to skip to the part where I show you how to get free wii points without credit cards or mailing addresses, then you would type in Ctrl+f and enter the code for section 2, then hit enter. Then you'd get to the table of contents where the code shows first. Then, after you hit enter a second time, you'll reach section 2. How to get free wii points.=====================================================================================
2. How to get free xbox 360 live points code: IDLS Ok everyone, I'm about to show you step-by-step how to get free xbox 360 live points without the use of a credit card or a mailing address! How is this possible? Well, xbox 360 live cards are just a few digit numbers right? What if there was a way to E-MAIL these xbox 360 live card numbers to you? Well, there IS a place that does that! This way, its completely safe since neither credit card nor mailing address is required. This method also works for free wii points, Nexon cards, and other "code" based prizes! Don't worry, the wii point cards are legally purchased from nintendo so its all legit.If you are not a US or Canadian resident, this site won't work, but you can still try ezyrewards, which is almost the same, but requires mailing addresses. Don't worry, its still free, trust me. Go to section 3 and find ezyrewards if you're still interested.
Step 1 creating an e-mail account the first step to getting your free xbox 360 live points code is to create a secondary e-mail account. I recommend hotmail or yahoo. You'll be getting a lot of junk mail on this account, but you will also recieve your free xbox 360 live points code at this account so make sure you read before you delete anything or you might accidentally delete your xbox 360 live points code. After you are finished creating an account, move on to step 2.
Step 2 signing up Your not quite ready to recieve the free xbox 360 live points code just yet. Now that you got a secondary e-mail account, its time to sign up! Click here to sign up. If that doesn't work, then click on the banner at the bottom of this.Once you get there, click on "sign up" on the left where you see "home, faq, login, and sign up". Then, you should be asked for your e-mail address. Type in the e-mail account that you created in step 1 and a password. Once you've completed the sign up process, your almost ready to collect your free xbox 360 live point numbers!
Step 3 Completing Offers One last step before you're ready to claim your free xbox 360 live point numbers, or whatever it was you came here for! Now that you're a member, you'll need to start earning "points" to get free prizes. The xbox 360 live points are only 10 points and should take only about 40-50 minutes to get if your extremely fast."points" are recieved by completing offers. To start doing offers, go to the home page and login with your e-mail account and password. Then go to the "offers" section. You'll be given a LOT of offers to choose from.Each offer shows how many points it gives and a description of what is required to earn the points. I recommend that you start with the higher offers close to 2 points and work your way down to get points quickly. When your filling out an offer, You don't have to give your real home address or phone number. In fact, I highly recommend you don't. Just be sure to give your real e-mail address. Be sure to check your e-mail address every now and then because you'll need to confirm yourself as a member for a lot of offers in order to get points. Here are a few tips for filling out offers:1. Read the description before doing an offer, so you know exactly what you need to do in order to get points2. Delete cookies between every offer to increase chances of getting credited for completed offers.3. Remember that even though most offers will give you points instantly after finishing the offer, some will take up to a day to finish pending even if it doesn't say so. So if you don't get points for an offer, never give up. Just go on to the next offer.If you're still having a hard time getting credit for offers or just need more tips, go to the "Tips and guidelines for completing offers" section. The code is: IYIDClick Ctrl + f at the same time. Then type in the code and hit enter until you find the section. Or just scroll till you find it.Once you've saved up enough "points". You are finally ready to recieve your free xbox 360 live points numbers!
Step 4 Claiming your free xbox 360 live points code numbers Are you ready to finally get those hard earned xbox 360 live point card numbers? Well, all you need to do is go to the "view available prizes" section and choose your prize! There are many prizes to choose from such as, free ipods, free PSPs, free video games, and other free prizes! They are arranged according to type, so if you wanted xbox 360 live points, you'd go to the "xbox 360" section. Prizes such as wii point cards, xbox live cards, Nexon cards, and other similar "card" type prizes will be e-mailed to you. Physical prizes like video games and ipods will obviously be delivered to your house (or whoever's house you type in the mailing address). They won't ask for a mailing address until you order so don't worry.=====================================================================================
3. Free Websites Guide Code: LJDS By now, you should have already signed up to a free website to get free xbox 360 live points, and should understand the basics of how these free sites work. Now I'm going to discuss a few similar websites that you might also like to try.First, let me explain how this section works. I will list each site in this order: prize rebel, ezyrewards, myfavefreebies, then treasure trooper. For each site, I'm going to give a quick summary and then give you my referral for the site. Please use my referral links because I worked hard on this blog and it doesn't do you any harm. Each site is free, and requires no credit card. They all have some type of "point" system used to get free stuff, but each site is unique in their own way. Ok, lets start with the site that I have told you about in section 2, prize rebel.
Prize RebelCode: IDWW Specialties: Best site for e-mailing free xbox 360 live point codes region: US/Canadian residents only. Otherwise, you can go to ezyrewards below hereDescription: This is the site I was referring you to on section 2 to get the free xbox 360 live point code numbers. This site will give you offers that range from .5 to 2 points. Each point is worth about a dollar. Wii points are 22 points so its accurate. You'd pay about 22 dollars for wii points because of tax. E-mailed prizes are: 10$ Nexon cards, Wii points, 25$ Nexon prepaid cards, 10$ Habbo cards, xbox 360 live points, and itune cards.Mailed prizes include: Xbox 360 console, Xbox 360 accessories such as rechargers and remotes, Xbox 360 games including Guitar Hero, Nintendo DS lites (comes in white and black), DS games including pokemon diamond/pearl, Playstation 3 console, Playstation 3 accessories, Playstation 3 games, PSPs, PSP games and accessories, Wii console (comes with wii sports and wiimote), and Wii games and accessories.E-mailed prizes may take 1-3 days to get your prizes. Mailed prizes take up to a few weeks, depending on how expensive it is.Referral system: This site will give you 20% of the points your referrals make for offers. No that does NOT mean that they are taken, they are given free by the staff. That means your referrals are unaffacted.Offers quality The offers credit instantly! This way, points can be built up quickly and you may even have enough to get your free wii points code numbers within 1-3 hours! My referral link: If you haven't signed up yet, please use my referral link. Points will NOT be taken from you and it would be the nice thing to do. Even I used a friend's referral link.
4. Which Free site Should You Use?Code: UIDU So far, I've provided you with 3 different sites. But since they all work the same with a few key differences, it may be hard to decide which site you should do. Well, my answer is to try all of them! But if you only want to dedicate yourself to one site, then keep reading.
For xbox 360 live points, wii points, or any "code based" prizesYou should definitely use Prizerebel. The other two sites are good, but prizerebel will actually e-mail you the codes to these type of prizes. This way, its safer because you won't need a mailing address, unlike the other 2 sites. All you'll need is an e-mail account. For more on prizerebel, go back up to section 2, how to get free wii points.
5. Tips and Guidelines for doing offersCode: IYID If you're having a hard time filling out offers for points, here are some tips and guidelines:* Completing each offer with realistic information.* Clear your cookies before completing each new offer.* Use a browser such as Internet Explorer.* Temporarily disable any anti-spyware/anti-virus/firewall programs.* Make sure your browser accepts cookies.* Make sure that once you have clicked through to an offer, complete the requirements fully before clicking to another site or closing the browser window.* Let the sponsor site load completely instead of skipping through as fast as you can.=====================================================================================
Conclusion , I hope you all have fun getting your freebies.